Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum

The Identity Provider of DSM

An identity provider (IDP) is a service that provides central authentication and authorization of users through Single-Sign-On. For this the DSM has concluded deals with federations of service providers that want to use this Single-Sign-On. Doing so enforces minumum requirements on the service providers and as such guarantees a minimum of security for the usage of the login service.

Currently the DSM is associated in the following federations or is at the process on doing so:

How to login

To use IDP to login to a service (service provider), you first have to select "Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum" as the login provider. Auswahl des IDP

You will be forwarded to the site[...] where you will find the login form. Please check the URL carefully to ensure that you landed on the right page, before you enter your DSM login data. Login-Seite des IDP

At the first login, or when the transmitted data has changed, you will get a overview of the data that will be send. If you don't want to send the data it is now your chance to cancel the procedure before your data will be transmitted. Best├Ątigung der Informationen, die an den Service Provider ├╝bermittelt werden

If you want to logout, please do so using this URL ->

For questions regarding this service please contact